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Book Deal Announcement

I'm late in sharing the news but my new book 'A Land Of Permanent Goodbyes' was officially announced in December. I can't wait to share more with you! I'm very excited to continue working with my amazing editor Jill Santopolo and the Philomel/Penguin team!

Publishers Weekly:

'Abawi Sells YA Novel to Philomel

In a second deal involving Inkwell’s Stephen Barbara, the agent sold world English rights to Atia Abawi’s YA novel A Land of Permanent Goodbyes to Jill Santopolo of Philomel Books. Abawi, a journalist and former Afghanistan-based foreign correspondent for NBC News and CNN, is also the author of The Secret Sky (Speak, 2014), for which she was named a 2014 Publishers Weekly Flying Start. According to Barbara, A Land of Permanent Goodbyes centers on “Tareq, a Syrian teenager who, after losing most of his family in an air strike, begins a harrowing journey with his sister to Europe.”'

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